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 The main rules in Coven of legends (CoL)

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The main rules in Coven of legends (CoL) Left_bar_bleue110/110The main rules in Coven of legends (CoL) Empty_bar_bleue  (110/110)
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The main rules in Coven of legends (CoL) Empty
PostSubject: The main rules in Coven of legends (CoL)   The main rules in Coven of legends (CoL) Icon_minitime6/21/2013, 7:33 pm

* Have fun first and for most!

* Honor, Respect and Loyalty.  ->KEEP THAT IN MIND ALWAYS !! <-

* Only English in guild chat, so we all know what there are being said. Also try to keep a Clean language, so no emotions will get hurt. (we are all friends in this Guild)

* No scamming or stealing from anyone in or outside of the guild. ( anything of this sort will get you the boot from the guild ASAP !!) (also dropping is a NO NO)

* We do not take payment from our Guildmembers, unless it is a deal to help the other part. Tokens are like Real Life money, therefor that is an exception. Tokens is up to onesself what to do with.

* No disrespect will be tolerated from anyone no matter what your status in the guild.

* In our Guildhall we have Items and tools that can be used. However if you need an item, ask first an Covenleader. If there arent any Covenleaders online, make request
with the Covenleaders or Guildleader for a time when u both are online.

- To the rules above there are small rules as well. When you are done with the item, please put it back, so another may use it when its needed again. As well we have placed a Vault for potions, food and totems for a -> need to use <- so dont grab everything as others might have a need for some as u do.

To that keep in mind that what u take and use, take materials, so donate in the Donation vaults by our Tree first thing in the Guildhall. Very Happy

* Be active on the forums even if it is just to check in to be up to date on the up and coming events. Everyone is to be expected to know what is going on in our guild/s. That is why we have a calendar posted on the forums....on the top right hand column....

* If you do not have the opportunity to play, be kind enough to announce it on the forum so we all know it.

* Resources that we have in our guild are being used for many things to help us all. Therefore each week at sunday, please donate Materials to keep the guild running as smoothly as possible. Ask Therefor an Covenleader about what we need the most Or look on the website about resources.

- To the rule above on resources, know that any DONATIONS given to guild is given to CoL and u have no more right to it. ownership of the donations are no ones but all of CoL. No returns, for uses only.

* Rank in the guild is something u earn but know this, there are only a select number of room for each rank in the guild. please do not keep asking about when u get a higher rank. keep the first part in mind.
A sidenote: The higher the rank, then the more jobs/responsibilities u will have.

If you can follow the rules and uphold them, then you will be embraced with open arms and presented Welcomed to our family in Coven of legends. cheers
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The main rules in Coven of legends (CoL)
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